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Pick up your pen, turn on your compter, switch on your voice recorder and start writing today! One of the best methods when your are writing your first book is to be a prolific writer. Write something every day. It is also a good idea to write how you would normally speak. That way it is easy to follow the flow of the idea or storyline.

Don’t continually go back over what you have written and painstakingly edit as you go. The trick to beingĀ  a fast prolific writer is volume. If you can fill the pages quickly, using any of the suggested meduims, pen on paper, computer or voice recorder.

Let It Flow

Try not to think about the words too much. Let them flow. Of course there may be a difference between the process of writing a fiction story as opposed to an autobiography or a ‘how to’ or a reference book. However, the key to all successful writing is flow. Even if research is required to make the words factual, remember still to write as you would speak it.

Once you have the first chapter written, then go back over it and do some corrections. But remember that an editor will do a final edit and correct all mistakes such as spelling, past, present, and future tenses as well as time lines in the story.

Set Out A Storyline

Set out a basic storyline. You can do this by chapters or just a rough outline. It can be as detailed as you need to be, keeping in mind though that as you enter the wonderful world of your creation, be open enough to spontaneously change the plot as you go if it makes the story more interesting or cohesive.

Be Prolific!

Remember, be prolific and write something every day if possible. If you cannot manage a daily writing session, make a timetable of your time and put aside as many hours as fesible in a week to dedicate to writing your book.

Write, write, write, create be prolific and above all be happy!

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