Package 5 – Nickel

NICKEL  Publishing Package 5 includes:

  1. Unique print book design
  2. eBook design
  3. Set up of your own unique publishing imprint
  4. Your own ISBN numbers

We will create for you from your original, unpublished book file or your print file:

  • All eBook formats
  • Unique print cover design
  • eBookcover for Kindle
  • eBookcover for Smashwords
  • Bonus 3d Bookcover for web use
  • Publisher accounts – online bookshop listings
  • Book blurb
  • author profile
  • Contact us for quote for print copies of your book delivered to your door

We will create your book in the following formats:

  • Print Book file
  • Print Book cover creation, front/back/spine, unique original.
  • Amazon Kindle eBook
  • Smashwords eBook
  • unique eBook cover design (for all formats inc 3d for web use)

*This package does not include editing or proofreading.

Non Standard or complex design formats

**This price is for standard formatting. If your book is non-fiction, extra charges may apply if your book includes more than 15 images, graphs and other complex formatting.

Package 2 - Silver

Package 2 – Silver – Print Book & Digital eBook Design
set up of your own worldwide publishing imprint inc your ISBNs
book blurb
author profiles
Everything done for you

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