Book Promotion by Genre

Autobiographies and biographies

The subject of the book will usually have known a great many people throughout their life and these are all potential buyers. Contact them, and family, friends and colleagues by letter, phone, email, fax and so on. A book launch (or more than one if family members are concentrated in separate areas) is ideal. As well, you can send out fliers to family members with an order form (we can provide fliers with each book we produce).

Family histories

Contact family members, especially those involved in the book research, and ask them to a reunion at which you can launch the book, or send a flier, or write, or email them about your book. Ask them to pass on details of your book to other family members. Use the research skills you developed to write the book. Seek out the family member with a family tree, and contact all possible members on its branches.


Local outlets such as bookshops, newsagents, information centres, museums, supermarkets and so on. Other histories, such as one of a battleship in colonial times, could find buyers by advertising in historical, maritime and museum newsletters. You may like to donate or sell a copy to other interested libraries, schools etc.


Hold a book launch, send out fliers, seek reviews in literary magazines and mainstream newspapers.


Contact producers to speak on radio programs, or appear on daytime TV shows, submit feature articles in newspapers, magazines and journals, and place niche ads.


A book launch at the place of worship may attract many. A feature article or small ad in a parish or church newsletter can find many more potential buyers.

Fiction (adult and children’s)

If you have a niche market, promote your book there. Otherwise seek reviews in newspapers and journals. Enter literary awards for published books. Ask booksellers to stock your book (they will want a commission of 40% or more, sale-or-return conditions, and will want you to attract publicity and therefore buyers).

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