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Finite Publishing is solely owned and operated by Aishah Macgill.

Aishah is an author, who out of frustration publishing her own books,  found it was difficult to ascertain the correct information. She decided to set up her own publishing services to inform authors and offer services that were not available to her when she set out on her own self publishing journey.

 Finite Publishing is a self publishing service to assist authors from all corners of the globe to self publish their books.

I do not offer ‘traditional’ publishing services. However, my aim is to provide anyone who desires to self publish a book with up to date information and comprehensive self publishing services.

I aim to provide my customers the very best, and inform them of all the facts regarding every issue surrounding self publishing a book. I provide services in print and all eBook formats – from conception to distribution and follow up.

You can find a wealth of information on the site. I aim to keep every article up to date and ensure accuracy (as best I can). I value your feedback and thoughts, please feel free to contact me direct via the contact page.

I personally answer all my emails.

With utmost respect,

Aishah Macgill

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by Aishah Macgill

Finite Publishing is solely owned and operated by Aishah Macgill. I am not in partnership nor affiliated with any other individual, company or service.

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